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Religious Medal Specials

Religious Medal Specials
Model: PM-1627
18K Yellow Gold Our Lady of Mt. Carmel/Sacred Heart Medal 15 mm..
P7,800 P9,830
Model: PM-1637
18K White Gold Our Lady of Mt. Carmel/Sacred Heart Medal 16 mm..
P8,200 P10,900
Model: PM-1671
18K Yellow Gold Our of Carmel & Pierced Sacred Heart Medal 16 mm..
P8,800 P10,950
Model: PM-1682
18K Yellow Gold Our Lady of Carmel & Sacred Heart Medal 18 mm..
P11,800 P13,580
Model: PM-1803
14K White Gold Mother of Perpetual Help & Sacred Heart Medal with Facet Rim 18 mm..
P9,980 P12,800
Model: PM-1809
14K White Gold St. Therese of Lisieux Medal 15 mm..
P7,280 P8,700
Model: PM-1824
14K Yellow Gold Mother of Perpetual Help/ Sacred Heart of Jesus 16 mm..
P8,480 P10,680
Model: PM-1856
14K Yellow Gold Enamel Carmel Medal with Diacut Edge 13 x 20 mm..
P4,980 P6,890
Model: PM-1857
14K Yellow Gold Pope Francis Medal 15 mm..
P3,480 P5,890
Model: PM-1860
14K Yellow Gold Fatima Enameled Medal Diacut Edge..
P4,980 P6,880
Model: PM-1866
14K Yellow Gold Divine Mercy Enameled Picture Pendant..
P5,980 P6,800
Model: PM-1868
14K Yellow Gold Enameled Lady of Guadalupe Medal with 3 Lines..
P4,980 P6,290
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