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Our Online Catalog

This website is an online catalog. It is not an e-commerce site. There are no "Add to Cart" buttons in any of the webpages. 

This website shows a sampling of jewelry available in our shop. If you are interested in any particular item and would like to purchase it in our shop, contact us so we can put it aside for you. You can then check out the item and decide whether to proceed with the purchase. We also welcome online sales. Contact us for further information.

We try to show currently available jewelry in our website. However, most of our jewelry are of limited quantities. A piece of jewelry may have been sold out, but our website have not been updated yet. We apologize if we are unable to supply a particular item.

If you are interested in an out-of-stock jewelry, we can try to reorder for you. There will be a waiting period which depends on the item. We would require a deposit for some items.

For made-to-order jewelry, we will provide a quotation which will be valid for a limited time. We will inform you of the lead time before the jewelry will become available. Should you want to order, we would require a deposit.

We stand fully behind every piece of jewelry in our shop. We follow all international standards for the precious metal  content of our jewelry. Diamonds, gemstones & other materials used shall conform to specifications. 

We take all reasonable care to ensure that the photographs of jewelry shown on this website reflect as accurately as possible the actual item. However, the colors that you see will depend on your monitor & may be different from the actual colors. Likewise we are unable to show the actual sizes of any jewelry in this website. They are not shown to scale relative to the other items. Furthermore, bigger images are used to show details.

Jewelry are among the most personal items that a person can own.  We suggest you check out the jewelry in person to ensure that it meets your expectations.